New Football Head Coach talks summer training


Men, this program will be basic to some of you and it may be challenging to others. I will be available to you to answer any questions. The bottom line with this program, like any, is that YOU must work at it. There are no short cuts to being a great athlete. The most important component of successful training is an unremitting desire to progress. Once we get the chance to work together, and our staff can explain how we want certain exercises done, this program will expand and become more challenging. If you feel that you can do more and want to do extra, go for it!!

This program will address both running and lifting. The running will consist of multiple agility drills. Each workout should start with a dynamic warm up. I will explain further as I explain this program. As you train, you must remember that you need good nutrition (“Garbage in garbage out -you are what you eat”) and lots of sleep. Working out will tear the body down and you nned time to let it grow. If you treat your body well, it will perform well.

Strength training for athletics is only valuable in the context of the sport. We are not marathon runners or body builders. Too much emphasis in one area of training will leave you deficient in other areas. Our priority is to train you for the sport of Football. There are several elements that make up your overall level of training. They are: muscular strength, speed, quickness, and agility, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, nutrition, skill development, and rest. Each area must be addressed individually to achieve your performance potential.

INTENSITY and EFFORT are the keys to proper training. These are the reasons for strength and speed gains, not magical formulas or miracle supplements.

There are some basic principles that must be followed as you go through this program.

1. Full range of motion exercises – When doing these exercises, you must raise and lower the weight through the muscles’ full range of motion.

2. When performing Olympic movements, make sure technique comes first. (This summer we will not do many of these lifts until we have a chance to work together and learn good technique.)

3. Allow the muscles to raise the weight – eliminate all arching, bouncing, throwing, and jerking movements while raising the weight for most exercises.

4. Emphasize the lowering of the weight. Lower the weight in a controlled manner, thereby allowing the muscle to lower the weight. Use 3 – 5 seconds as a guideline to lower the weight.

5. The point of momentary muscular fatigue has been reached when the athlete can no longer raise another good repetition. The goal of each set is to reach MMF, except when doing squats.

6. Supervision – Athletes should be paired off so that every repetition of each exercise is supervised to guarantee proper execution and prevent injury.

This entire Running and lifting program is designed for you to work six days a week. It is important that you take one day of week off. The body needs time to rest, grow, and restore itself. My suggestion to you is to lift Monday/Wednesday/Friday and run Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. Take off and rest on Sunday. You will need to do skill work in addition to these workouts but still leave a day of rest.

We have ten weeks before you report for football camp on August 13th. MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY OPPORTUNITY!! Our opponents and almost every football player in America is training as well. I wanted to acknowledge Coach Scott Swanson, Head Strength Coach at Army, for his contribution to this manual.

Stay in touch and let me know if you have any questions. The several documents to follow are the specifics of the program. See you soon. Remember who you are, and who you represent!!

Coach Dan Baranik

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