Mrs. Susan Johnson’s comments on the Stroehmann Award

Each year the Stroehman Award made possible by the generosity of David L Stroehmann, Class of 1951, and is presented to a school faculty or staff member whose leadership and example is exceptionally inspirational to the entire school community.

Paling in comparison to Robert Preston, our own music man, Roger Wells, embodies the spirit of energy and optimism, caring, and guidance for cadets and adults at Fishburne and is this year’s recipient of the Strohman Award.

How many times have I looked to my door to determine the source of singing, whistling or humming and I see the band director moving quickly down the hall?

In teaching English to reluctant learners in grades eight, we have shared conspiratorial plots to reach the younger cadets with grammar and syntax through games and innovative methodologies.

In the music arena Captain Wells lends his personal talent to corps presentations both by the band and in the chorus as the bandmaster marches, plays his saxophone and shares in the team spirit with the group.

In addition to teaching English, directing the choir and the band, Roger Wells is tasked with pleasing all of the people all of the time by scheduling weekend social events and activities that both change the momentum of the week and enhance the lives of our cadets.

Fulfilling vital and unique roles at Fishburne, Roger Wells meets everyone with enthusiasm and leaves us all on a high note!