Air Rifle Comes Out On “Top”

By Cadet Ben Gomez

The FMS Air Rifle team defeated two much larger public schools this week! Our team traveled to close-by Harrisonburg High School, and also crossed the West Virginia state line to participate in a match against Greenbrier East High. In the first match “Top’s Guns” just nipped the Greenbrier East shooters with a score of 824-788. The next day, our shooters easily handled the Harrisonburg shooters with a score of 833-530. Leading the team in points during both events was Cadet Denver Lawrence who shot a scorching 228 for his average. The other three shooters: Santiago Quiceno, Colin Green and Avery Vinson also did a tremendous job. All three improved their scores in the second match and are working hard to get better. 1Sgt. Jim “Top” Hensley (Coach) said, “They all did a great job training for the common goal of improvement.”

1Sgt. Hensley expects to have all four shooters return next year for the fall season and can hopefully lead them to a State Championship!