Fishburne Military School (Virginia) Cadets served as escorts to Debutantes at Old Dominion Cotillion

Fishburne Military School’s New Virginia Gentlemen

Eleven Cadets from Fishburne Military School travelled on Saturday to take part in the 25th annual Debutante Ball hosted by Old Dominion Cotillion in Chantilly, VA. The Debutante Ball is the culmination of what is often years of work on the part of the young ladies involved in Cotillion, and it is the highlight of a week of activities leading up to the formal occasion.

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Fishburne Military School cadets study Geroge C. Marshall's Nobel Peace Prize

Fishburne Cadets Study Leadership through Marshall

“This is always a tremendous learning opportunity and I think the Cadets took full advantage of it. General Marshall’s life-long emphasis on duty over desire and statesmanship over politics, is something that anyone studying leadership should understand. The Marshall Museum is an outstanding resource for us to utilize in guiding our young men through important discussions as they are work to define their own leadership styles.”

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Fishburne Military School Cadets Learn About History Up Close and Personal

Learning Gets Hands-on at FMS During Summer Session

“The idea of kinesthetic learning, or tactile learning,” explains Mrs. Susan Johnson, “is something that we have understood and implemented at Fishburne for generations. We know that boys learn best by doing. We are in the business of educating young men, and it simply isn’t fair to expect them to learn everything in a classroom or lecture setting…particularly during the Summer.”

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