Is Private School the right option?

Obviously, at Fishburne, we believe in private education. For 130 years, we’ve successfully run a school that routinely has had its entire senior class accepted to colleges across the United States. However, we also know that education is not a one-size-fits-all affair. We recognize too that selecting a private school means taking a close look at the family finances, especially in the current economic climate.

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What is Post-Graduate Basketball? Why FMS?

Every school year brings new adventures, new excitement, and new opportunities. This Fall Semester brought several enhancements to the FMs experience including the arrival of new cadets, a new 7th Grade program, and the introduction of a small and select cadre of post-graduate students (PGs).

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Football Images from Game Against Model Secondary!

We’ve posted a few images from the FMS Caissons football game taken by Sherra Loeffler, mother of Cadet Kurt Loeffler, at Model Secondary School on Friday, September 18th.

Down 20-12 at the half, the Caissons scored 22 unanswered points in the second half to take the win 34-20. GO GARNET & GOLD!

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Breakout! – In the News

The cadets were exhausted, but excited as family and friends cheered while they ran up the hill toward the school. Parents and relatives pinned each cadet with a private first class pin. The cadets were now considered old men.

“They are old men, meaning they are experienced and fully integrated,” said Susan Johnson, assistant superintendent of the school. Old men are allowed more privileges than younger, newer cadets, sometimes referred to as rats among other students.

“I’m sore but I’m proud,” said Richer Rogan, 17, the battalion commander. “I’m really proud of these guys.”

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Small Class Sizes are Better!

In a smaller class:
• Teachers and students get to know each other better, building trust and ensuring personal attention.
• Students come to know their teachers and become more at ease, allowing them to ask questions and to focus on academic work.
• Students feel more engaged and challenged to perform at their best.
• Teachers can monitor closely student scholastic performance and give quick feedback on assignments.

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Preparation for the Next Level

Under Coach Huckaby the Caissons will focus on developing the physical and academic discipline required for future participation on a Division I College Basketball team. Huckaby’s philosphy of “Total Player Development” stems from eleven years of coaching at the collegiate level.

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